Classes & Pricing

In Person & Live Streaming Classes
We're proud to offer both in person and live streaming classes for our customers. Due to social distancing in the studio, registration is required for all classes. We are dedicated to your health and safety and we are keeping both our studio and yoga props sanitized. We ask that anyone displaying cold or flu symptoms stay home until symptoms have subsided.

To register, first check our online schedule for the time and class you'd like to register for.

Once you have registered for your class, check your email for confirmation. If you have chosen a live streaming class, you will also receive a link to the class. Be sure to open the live stream 5-10 minutes before the class starts


First time to the Studio is FREE. Drop in is $15.
Punch cards available: 5/$55 and 10/$100.
Monthly unlimited for $120.

Drop In $10 (with student ID)

Drop in pricing is $8.
Punch cards available 5/$30.

We offer a discount for Quincy Medical Group, Blessing Hospital & Blue Cross Blue Shield employees. Please inquire for details. Must show ID.

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Yoga Classes

Buti Flow
Buti FLOW is a movement methodology that incorporates dynamic yoga asana with primal movement, down-tempo feminine dance bursts and deep core conditioning. Buti is taught through the instructor’s free flow, personal essence, and is accompanied with diverse and upbeat music. This is a wonderful fit for those new to yoga AND those who are wanting to enhance their practice.

All Buti formats incorporate spiral structure technique® used to activate our deep core muscles paired with intentional shaking & vibration to release trauma stored at the cellular level. Primal movement, cardio dance & conditioning are seamlessly woven throughout balanced yoga sequencing to give you an ALL-IN-ONE workout that helps you transform your BODY + SOUL. The Bonus? You will burn 600-1000 calories per class doing it. Buti HIIT is the High Intensity format of Buti. Accessible for all levels with modifications offered.

Gentle Slow Flow
In gentle yoga, you move your body in a gentle, comfortable way; it encourages movement without the potential for strain. Great for beginners!

Hatha includes the practice of asanas (yoga postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises) which help bring peace to the mind and body. Focuses on flexibility, alignment and strength.

Kid's Yoga
Sarah’s classes use original music, stories and silliness to keep children actively engaged in their yoga practice. Each of Sarah’s classes include pranayama, meditation and a trip to the Secret Garden. Class is for children 4-12 years of age.

Mixed Flow
A mixed level alignment based class that incorporates elements of flow with the option to explore more challenging poses.

Slow Flow
A slower pace class, mindfully moving and breathing through a series of asanas (yoga poses). This 60 min class focuses on breath with movement connection.

Trauma Informed Yoga
This program provides a venue for survivors to become acquainted with and reclaim their bodies, help them become grounded in the present moment, and allow them to explore the benefits of mindfulness as they flow breath to movement in guided trauma-informed practice and meditation.

Vinyasa 1
A yoga class for those newer to yoga or those wanting a basic flow class. This class introduces foundational yoga postures, teaches you how to breath and helps you feel more comfortable in the yoga practice. Although this class moves at a slower pace than the other vinyasa classes, expect to be challenged both mentally and physically.

Vinyasa 1&2
This is a fun, heat building class, builds strength, balance, and flexibility through yoga postures that flow from one to another. Some Yoga experience recommended.

Vinyasa 1-3
This is a fun, heat building class that builds strength, balance, and flexibility through yoga postures that flow from one to another. This class is great for those with some yoga experience and even those who want the option to challenge themselves and take their practice to another level.

Vin Yin
In this class you can enjoy the benefits of heat building and restorative. We will start out with a heat building sequence, where we will work up a sweat. Once we have worked off some energy, we’ll be able to relax the body and mind. The class will end with yin postures. In the yin poses we will move the floor, and use props to deeply stretch and restore. This class is the best of both worlds. A perfect compliment to any yoga practice, and a great way to renew the body and mind.

Weekend Wind Down
An invitation to slow down, retreat from the business of life and restore for a new week. This slow-paced restorative class will offer the unique opportunity to step outside of the mind, to relax into the body & breath. Class ends with a relaxing Savasana, light hands-on adjustment with Young Living oils and a warm eye mask.

Reiki Classes

Reiki energy is a relaxation technique and an energy exchange between the Reiki Master and Client to remove blocks that hinder physical emotional mental and Spiritual healing can begin. The sessions include “laying on of hands” either near the body or lightly touching the body for the energy exchange. During sessions, Reiki energy may be transmitted through other modalities to further the healing process, depending on the intentions of the session.

Strong Nation™️

Strong Nation™️
Strong Nation™ is a revolutionary 60-minute, high-intensity, full body workout where every single cardio and muscle-conditioning move is perfectly synced to original music. So instead of counting reps, you train to the beat, pushing past your limits and torching more calories so you reach total body transformation faster.

Infared Sauna

In addition to our yoga classes, our new location offers an infrared sauna. There are many health benefits from using an Infrared Sauna on a regular basis.

• Weight Loss
• Detoxification and Anti-Aging Properties, Purifies the skin
• Improved Circulation and Lower Blood Pressure
• Pain, Wound, and Arthritis Relief
• Better Sleep and Relaxation

The sauna also comes with Chromotherapy lights which balances energy in the areas of our body that lack vibrancy, being it physical, emotional, spiritual or mental.

You can read more about it here >


$1/minute up to 25 minutes; minimum of 15 minutes
$25 for 30 minutes
$35 for 45 minutes